How to gain maximum B-BBEE Skills Development points with TVET SA

As firms rush towards their financial year-end, the buzzword on everyone’s minds is B-BBEE!

If getting to the next level on your B-BBEE scorecard is just out of reach, refocusing your skills development strategy could be the solution.

Did you know? 

      • By implementing learnerships and skills programmes strategically you can maximise your B-BBEE skills development points.

      • By partnering with a B-BBEE Level 2 Procurement Partner you can claim 125% of your procurement spent. That means you can claim a spend of R125 for every R100 spent when calculating your B-BBEE rating.

    Benefits of B-BBEE-aligned learnerships

    B-BBEE-aligned learnerships offer the best workplace-based training solution to build your workforce. Whether your intention is to –

        • Strengthen your firm’s internal capacity;

        • Expand your business by creating jobs for unemployed youth; or

        • Support skills development of disabled people.

      Occupationally-based, learnerships provide learners with theoretical knowledge practical skills, and work experience relevant to their chosen occupation. Learnerships prepare unemployed learners to enter the workplace and they are extremely effective in upskilling your current employees. And addressing the skills gaps within your business.

      Apart from enhancing your B-BBEE and employment equity status, there are many other benefits for employers to implement learnerships.

          • Building an appropriately skilled workforce will boost your firm’s efficiency and increase its ability to compete, locally and globally.

          • Sponsoring unemployed and/or disabled learners and hosting them for their work experience will enhance your firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility Performance.

        Partnering with an Accredited Skills Development Provider

        The Basic Conditions of Employment Act 1997 as set out in Sectoral Determination 5, governs the conditions of employment and rates of allowances for learners in South Africa.  And Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) and the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO) monitor, evaluate and quality-assure the implementation thereof closely.

        Implementing learnership can be a daunting undertaking for any firm. And it is important that businesses choose an accredited and credible skills development partner. One that can provide a start-to-end solution, like TVET SA.

        The benefits of choosing an accredited provider include the following:

            • SETA-accredited learning and skills development programmes are quality assured and are closely monitored and audited to ensure standards are met.

            • SETA-accredited learning programmes are nationally recognised and carry NQF credits, which count towards full formal qualifications.

            • Implementing SETA-accredited learning programmes is a prerequisite to accessing pivotal grant funding from your relevant SETA.

          Reasons to partner with TVET SA

          Over the past 20 years, TVET SA has successfully implemented learnerships and skills programmes designed to prepare learners for the world of work.

              • TVET SA is 51% black owned and a level 2 B-BBEE contributor. Therefore, when choosing TVET SA as a partner, you can claim up to 125% towards your B-BBEE procurement recognition.

              • TVET SA is accredited by the FP&M SETA, W&R SETA, and Services SETA to implement an array of registered learnerships and credit-bearing skills programmes.

              • TVET SA provides expert advice to our clients on how to meet their B-BBEE skills development scorecard requirements while addressing the skills development needs of their business.

              • Our value-add service to you includes the recruitment, enrolment, and management of unemployed youth and disabled candidates on accredited learnerships.


            TVET SA supports the original objective of the B-BBEE Act to create access for black youth and to bring about economic transformation. And we are committed to working with our partners to provide unemployed youth with work experience placements while completing their learnerships.

            Together with our partners, we continuously work towards #manufacturing #change through #skillsdevelopment.

            To set up an appointment with our B-BBEE expert, complete the Skills Development Enquiry for Businesses on our website.


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