Quality Cut, Make, and Trim Services

cmt services
cmt services

Manufacturing Line: Incubator

Thandeka Vocational Education Trust (Pty) Ltd recently set up a manufacturing line at our main Campus in Maitland. We can provide basic cut, make and trim (CMT) services to the Clothing and Textile industries.

Our Offering

In addition to manufacturing of garments, TVET SA is also able to offer processing and finishing CMT services on various products not limited to clothing and textiles.

The manufacturing line has shown huge success in the recent manufacture of masks during lockdown and the manufacture of over 8,000 T-shirts for a well renowned manufacturer, who is a preferred supplier of a national clothing retailer. 

The manufacturing team comprises a combination of qualified machinists and learners who are required to complete their workplace experience. The team is therefore able to produce a range of products that meet the stringent quality requirements of the customer.


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