Our value-added services take the stress off

At Thandeka Vocational Education Trust we understand that production is key in the manufacturing environment. And removing the stress of dealing with skills development red tape is a critical aspect of our value-added service.

We value your time

Training often takes a back seat to the daily production requirements in small to medium manufacturing entities. Enrolling learners on accredited training interventions to activate SETA grant funding is a time-consuming administrative task.

Our value-added services include learning programme management – from grant activation through learner enrolment, accredited training implementation, assessment, moderation, verification, graduation, and the submission of the close-out and placement reports.

Leaving time for your staff to focus on your production needs.

We add the expertise

The TVET SA administrative team has developed tried and tested procedures for the submission of learner enrolment documents and grant funding tranche deliverables.

Our learning programme implementation strategy facilitates the gathering of information required for reporting. This includes reporting on milestones and learner attendance according to SETA requirements.

One-stop solution

When it comes to the implementation of learnerships for unemployed learners, the team at TVET SA provides a one-stop solution to our partners. Not only do we assist with the administration relating to the enrolment of the learners, but as a value-add, our team also assist with the recruitment process.

We have built up a database of unemployed youth who have expressed interest in our learnership programmes. We have also established partnerships with State institutions and similarly draw on State platforms to assist with the recruitment process.

In addition, we utilise the FP&M SETA career portal, which has been established as an online value-add platform designed to facilitate the sharing of information across the FP&M sectors.

We also organise open days during which learners submit their applications and complete first-round screening tests. Only shortlisted candidates attend interviews with representatives from the hosting companies.

Adding value to the learning experience

Our administrative team’s responsibility does not stop here.

Additional areas of focus and responsibility include monitoring of learner attendance of learners as part of our learner retention strategy.

Our team submits weekly feedback reports to the hosting firms, and assists them with determining weekly learner allowances based on their attendance.

The administrative team plays a critical role in monitoring the adherence to COVID-19 regulations and protocols, to ensure the safeguarding of learners whilst attending classes at the Maitland Campus.

Nurturing partnerships

The TVET SA team believes that every client deserves our very best attention.

Providing value-added services our way of welcoming your company into a long-term partnership with your college of choice.

Meet the members of our very competent administrative team

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