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TVET SA is committed to implementing our vision of empowering learners and envisioning excellence. This core driving principle does not end in the workplace but extends to where it is needed most — our communities.



I AM EMPOWERED, a Not-for-Profit Company, established an incubator project at the TVET SA premises in Maitland. I AM EMPOWERED was created to equip previously disadvantaged and disabled youth in becoming employable and economically active citizens. This incubator provides a safe space for learners to establish themselves as qualified and experienced machinists, gaining the necessary knowledge and practical skills to produce a range of products.

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Community-based Organisations

Community-based Organisations

Community-based Organisations fulfil an invaluable role in developing township and rural communities. Community members meet their economic, social, and cultural needs by participating in organised events at community centres and through establishing cooperatives

TVET SA partners with various community-based organisations including cooperatives and small businesses to implement skills programmes and short courses that provide participants with garment manufacturing skills to establish and grow their home- or community-based enterprises.

We continue to encourage entrepreneurship and self-employment through skills development, targeting youth and entrepreneurs.

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During 2021, TVET SA established a partnership with the Western Cape Correctional Services to provide training for prisoners at Pollsmoor Prison.

By implementing our Sewing Skills Programme in prisons, we hope to teach learners practical skills that they can apply while they are incarcerated in prison or when released from prison. In addition to teaching industry skills, we provide them with opportunities to improve their written and spoken English language skills.

Through transforming and improving their lives, we hope they rejoin society with an expanded set of capabilities and a drive to innovate a new future for themselves.

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SA Children's Home

SA Children's Home

Fondly called our ‘heart project’, Team TVET SA supports this 200-year-old institution by making financial contributions to assist in nurturing and developing children resident at the home. Our Team members voluntarily contribute not only financially to this worthy project but also contribute by offering up their time and expertise. Annual activities include:

  • Tutoring and mentoring
  • Making masks and T-Shirts
  • Buying them books at the start of the school year
  • Arranging picnics or braais on special occasions
  • Providing each child with balloons, cake and a personalised birthday gift

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