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discretionary grant applications
discretionary grant applications

Support with WSP and Discretionary Grant Applications

Firms registered to pay skills development levies have the opportunity to apply for mandatory and discretionary grant funding from their relevant Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) by 30 April each year.

How it works

Mandatory and discretionary grant funding are allocated towards the implementation of accredited skills development interventions to be implemented at firm level such as learnerships, bursaries, and skills programmes.

Our experience

Thandeka Vocational Education Trust (Pty) Ltd has assisted firms in the clothing and textiles manufacturing sector for over 16 years to navigate through the workplace skills planning process by providing assistance with the submission of workplace skills plans and annual training reports as well as assisting with the submission of discretionary grant applications.  

This service is made available to our skills development partners as a complimentary service.


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